Hughes Cleaning Company values

Hughes Cleaning Company is an organisation dedicated to changing the world and our community. We are different and modern. We stand out against our competitors. Here are the reasons why...

Giving back time

Hughes Cleaning Company is aware of the many responsibilities and time-consuming activities that we face today. Sometimes we become too consumed in all other things, such as working or cleaning that we forget the most important thing in life...Memories. We wanted to help our customers create more meaningful memories by taking some of their house responsibilities. While we help to clean your home, you can be with your friends or family enjoying your time doing things that you can reminisce on later in the future. Don't let your memories be of you scrubbing your toilet, instead let them be of you relaxing underneath the hot sun on a summer day at the beach.

We have set in stone prices.

Hughes Cleaning Company was tired of forever lasting questionnaires and rising prices at checkouts when trying to book a cleaning service. We are honest and transparent with our customers. Offering set prices means our clients know exactly what they are booking and they know exactly what the costs will be, so there will be no surprises at checkouts.

You meet your cleaner.

Not only do we send you a reminder email 24 hours prior to your clean, but we also tell you exactly which one of our cleaning professionals will be coming to your home. Therefore, you can feel safe and secure when using our services.

Ease of booking

There has never been an easier way of booking a cleaning service. You simply choose your service, press the book button, provide us with your basic detail, make the payment and your done. All together booking our service takes no longer than 10 seconds.

Cruelty free and Eco-friendly

All our products are cruelty free and environmentally friendly. We care about our community and we know just how damaging plastic and toxic chemicals can be to our environment and us. We use Eco-friendly products to protect our planet, to oppose animal cruelty and to clean your house smelling GREAT!

Supporting our communities key workers

Hughes Cleaning Company is not only a business...we are have morals, values and a political agenda. We are aware that many key individuals in our society do not receive the income they deserve. We offer a 15% discount for our services to NHS nurses and low paid workers as well as workers in the police and fire department.

These are only some of the things that make us different from our competitors. We are company that cares for the people in our society and for our environment. We are far more than a cleaning company. We are an organisation dedicated to supporting everyone. In this complex world, we want to make things better and easier.

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